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                                                           Passion is within our soul, and needs only to be awakened

For me, it was when I first peered through the tiny viewfinder in an old Kodak folding camera that had belonged to my father. When I felt, more than heard, the whirring click of the shutter, something in me responded, and I became entranced with the idea and process of photography. I continue to be.
As I developed, I realized that searching for an image taught me to see, to internalize what I saw, to open my eyes and mind to what was before me. I began to strive for expression, to find the angle, the composition, the light that could express the thoughts and emotions that a subject elicited from me.

My photographs have been published in the US , Europe, and Japan, including cover pages for Clavier, Pianist, and The Piano magazines, featured article illustrations including Pianiste and Gramophone magazines, and several CD, DVD, and Blue Ray covers and brochures. Per Lucem Photography has been the official photographer for the International Keyboard Institute and Festival at the Mannes College of Music for the last 15 years, and counts among its clients Yamaha Artist Management, Medici Classics, and Video Arts International.

As with many activities, process can be its own justification. But it is ultimately through someone else's eyes that it finds validation. If you can see what I saw, and let your own response resonate with and amplify my own, then I have received the ultimate gift this craft can bestow on the photographer.
After a long academic career, I chose photography as my profession, and I hope you will allow me to share my vision with you.

The winter sun finds warmth in the ochre and sienna walls of a Roman street.

Sky and sea become furnaces of intense colors, only to extinguish themselves into exquisite embers of unimagined hues.

Twilight changes a mundane harbor into a mauve dreamscape.

When light is the accomplice of imagination, a photograph can evoke sense memories as if present, and conjure a feeling of place.

Through light, with light…Per Lucem.
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